40 Plus membership are $75 and $35 for over 70 yeas old will be required.

WSTR memberships required will be sold at event.

Must attend one roping throughout the year to attend Finals

Must be 40 years old the calendar year. Women can be 30 to compete 

We take 20 teams to the short round of each roping (must qualify on three head to make the short round.)

Points will be awarded as follows one point for every 10 teams (i.e. 20 teams= 2 points) in each division. Example 40 Teams:

1st place = 4 points each
2nd place= 3 points each
3rd place= 2 points each
4th place= 1 point each


Points will be awarded to 40+ members from the 1st roping of the 2023 season thru the preliminary roping at the 2023 finals.


Finals will consist of a preliminary roping and a Shoot-out roping in each division:

#11.5 Slide,#11.5, #10.5, #9.5, #8.5 HC and also added All- Girl Roping and#10.5 Super Century.

Payout: We will pay 1 money for every 25 teams in the Average

Fast Times will be paid in the Short Go to the team that does not place in the Average if enough teams.

Producers will sell 40 Plus Memberships and WSTR memberships

40 Plus cards are $75 and $35 fo 70 and older

WSTR memberships range from $130 to $500

Two dollars per team will be paid to the 40+ Team Roping Championships.

One dollar per team will be paid to Global

2/3 of pot is paid back to ropers in cash and prizes throughout the year.

All Ropings are 4 head progressive on 1. Enter one draw one OR draw 2 for $150/roper Enter 3 times for a total of 6 runs.

 2023 Rule: Everytime You attend a 40 Plus Team Roping you will receive a Shoot-Out for the 2023 finals.

Fast time will be paid in the Short Go to the team that does not place in Average if enough teams.